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Bolckow and Vaughan

Bolckow and Vaughan

Written on reading an account of Unveiling the Statue of the late H.
W. F. Blockow Esq., M. P., at Middlesbrough, October 6th 1881.

Honour to those who honour’d Bolckow’s name!
’Twas fit that Cleveland should all honours pay
To her illustrious dead: but who dare say
The worker Vaughan, shall share not in his fame?
Castor and Pollux—sans their cruelty— 5
Around their heads the flames indeed did play,—
Smelting the iron-ore! The self-same bay
Should crown each brow; for in their industry
Alike they fought and conquer’d. Unto each
We owe our equal gratitude; for one 10
Without his partner never could have done
The things they did. Had Bolckow’s statue speech,
In voice as loud as Stentor’s we should hear,—
“Honour not me if ye neglect my Partner dear!”

Rose Cottage, Stokesley George Markham Tweddell
[Tweddell’s Illustrated Annual 1881-1882, p. 40]

Here is Tweddell's celebrated history of Middlesbrough, appreciated by historian Asa briggs in Victorian Cities.

The full manuscript book is in the reference section of Middlesbrough Library between C800 and C900 - near a box with his People's History of Cleveland. This is the extract from Bulmers North Yorkshire directory 1890 in which, halfway down is a good account of Bolkow and Vaughan.

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