Thursday, 3 January 2013

To Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Bart, M.P.

To Sir Joseph Whitwell Pease, Bart, M.P.

In acknowledgement of a Present of choice Grapes, kindly sent
to the Author, from Hutton Hill, Gisbrough, when stricken
down with a severe illness.

Honour to Bacchus, planter of the vine!
The trailing plant is beautiful to see,
With its grand leaves, and fruit where symmetry,
Beauty, and usefulness all three combine.
Through a much-troubled life, it ne’er was mine
’Neath my “own vine and fig-tree” to repose;
Nor have I fortuned to be one of those
Daily familiar with choice grapes of wine:
But Israel’s spies on their staff never bore
To Moses the grand Grapes by Eschol grown,
With greater pleasure than I felt mine own,
When from the bunches sent I thankful tore
The luscious fruit, to cool my fever’d lips,
And fancied it would even Hebe’s cup eclipse.

George Markham Tweddell

Old Hutton Hall, Guisborough

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