Wednesday, 2 January 2013

To the Rev. E.G. Charlesworth

To the Rev. E.G. Charlesworth

Vicar of Acklam and Author of “Ecce Christus,” &c
(Composed whilst Smoking an Evening Pipe of some Choice Tobacco,
which he had considerately sent me, as “a Christmas Present.”

Some, Friend and brother Bard, would call it Sin
For thee to encourage Smoking: they would let
Poor Poets o’er a thousand troubles fret,
And break the Pipes that soothe them. There is in
The “fragrant weed,” when it is rightly used, 5
An innocent pleasure, which they never knew,
That to the o’ertasked brain brings solace true;
Though, like all other bounties, oft abused.
All Evil is mis-use of something Good;
And every Good Thing in excess is Bad! 10
That which in moderation most will add
To human happiness, poisons the blood
When over-indulged in; and the Passions we
Allow to master us alone bring Misery.

George Markham Tweddell

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