Friday, 4 January 2013

“The Three Sisters,” Ingleby-Greenhow

Hills and moors above Ingleby Greenhow

“The Three Sisters,” Ingleby-Greenhow

Three tiny streamlets, on the barren moor,
Were glittering ’neath the bright rays of the sun:
Pleasant it was to mark, where’er they run
Along the summit of the mountain hoar,
How beautiful rich mosses mark’d their way! 5
These steams united, and went trickling on
To add their waters to the neighb’ring burn,
Which help’d to feed a river, where you may
Float largest argosies; then to the sea,—
Again to float in mists unto the sky, 10
And fall in dew or rain,—mayhap to fly
In hail or snowflakes over hill or lea!
Nothing in nature e’er is lost!—shall we
Then doubt, in God’s good time, all will from pain be free?

George Markham Tweddell

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