Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Site of Thirsk Castle

Thirsk Castle
I stood in a green field, and mark’d around
The long-dry moat, which once had help’d to keep
The foeman from Thirsk Castle walls; for deep
And broad were erst its waters, when the sound
Of Mowbray’s mail-clad warriors might be heard 5
Pacing the ramparts. Now no stone is left
To mark the sight, which long has been bereft
Of the whole fortress; and yon happy bird
Warbles in peace, as though no army here
E’er pitched its tents, with our great Northern Peers, 10
And Superstition’s Standard, and no fears,
Though David’s valiant Scots were approaching near.
All, like Thirsk’s Castle, from earth long have gone,
And, thank the Lord, they never will return!

George Markham Tweddell

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