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Sonnet [to L. W. Crummey]

Sonnet [to L. W. Crummey]

In affectionate Remembrance of LAWSON FLECK CRUMMEY,
M.R.C.S., Author of “Extracts from the Diary of a Living
Physician,” and other Works; who was Born at Stokesley, Oct.
23rd 1808; practised his Profession there and at
Middlesbrough for several Years; Died at Great Ayton, June
25th, and was Buried at Stokesley, June 28th, 1886.

Near Fifty Years we had been faithful Friends;
No angry word or look e’er broke the charm
Which brightens life, despite of the alarm
Adversity may raise, although she sends
Her troubles thick upon us. He who blends 5
True Friendship with his acts through life, will find
That all our various human Ills combined
Are powerless to destroy Bliss, which depends
On neither Wealth or Fame. And when Disease
Has seized upon us, then such skill as he 10
Loved to exert for poor humanity,
Has often to the sufferers brought ease.
Both pathos and humour in his life did blend,
As in his writings. Such was my dear friend.
NOTE,—The Manuscript of my departed friend’s unpublished
Vagrancy Sketches having been kindly presented to me by his
Widow and Daughters, it is my intention to give them in the little
Annual which I am attempting to establish for the North of

G. M. T. George Markham Tweddell

Cleveland Sonnets,
Third series No. 36 (1890)

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