Tuesday, 1 January 2013



Leaving Osmotherley one Summer’s day,
With a dear brother-bard,* I wander’d on
Through Snileworth’s placid dale. Flower and fern,
Green bushes, and the whimpling brook all way,
Seem to give welcome. A young farmer blithe 5
We join’d at Slapestones, going to the Dale,
Being much delighted with each merry tale
We told to keep our cheerfulness alive,
Forgot the visit he had meant to make,
And guided us to Arden, where we dined. 10
It was a pastoral pleasure, pure, refined,
Not soon forgot. Birds, Insects, were awake
To the warm sunshine, and the trout did keep
Bounding in beauty with full many a leap.

George Markham Tweddell

*JOHN REED APPLETON, F.S.A.,—a most genial companion, but very firm on one point; he insisted upon being allowed to bear all the expenses of the expenses of our three days’ ramble, as he had done on other occasions. These are the only points on which I refuse to argue with my friends because they happen to be richer than I am. I find it better to humour them.

Tweddell wrote about his friend in his book Bards and Authors of  Cleveland and South Durham - which you can download free by clicking on the Google Drive link on this post about the book -

Waterfall on Arns Gill, between Snilesworth Moor and 
Bilsdale West Moor, North York Moors

White dots - Osmotherly to Snilesworth

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