Thursday, 10 January 2013

Our Future Men and Women.

Our Future Men and Women.

Written Impromptu on seeing a Procession of several Hundred
happy-looking Children at Stokesley, June 29th, 1887, in honour of
the Queen’s Jubilee.

It is a pleasant sight, indeed, to see
Those happy Children, Boys and Girls so dear;
Let us be kind to them, that we may rear
A race of Men and Women who will be
Healthy and virtuous: then liberty 5
For our loved land will rest on a sure base,
And they will help to bless the human race
With all things leading to felicity.
Our future Men and Women! Oh, may ye
Grow up i’ knowledge of all things that are good,— 10
The Girls true patterns of pure Womanhood,
The Boys of noble Manhood, so that we
May leave the world assured that in our place
Others will stand who ne’er their country will disgrace.

George Markham Tweddell

This Stokesley photo is maybe later than 1887 but is the nearest fit for the poem.

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