Friday, 4 January 2013

Mr Charles Bell, of Redcar

Dedicated to my esteemed Companion in many
pleasant Cleveland Rambles,

Mr Charles Bell, of Redcar

CHARLES, we are dear old friends, who never had
One angry word or look to marr the bliss
Of our pure friendship; and the angry hiss
Of the old serpent, Hate, we know is bad
For us and all: we only hate what keeps 5
Mankind from truest manhood; and we would
Fain aid the culture of all that is good
For all our race. He that sows well ever reaps
A joyful harvest. In woodlands and green dales,
On the wide moors, and by the ocean’s shore, 10
Oft we have revell’d in the glorious lore
Of Nature and good books; for never fails
That which is beautiful and true to give
Peace, joy, and spiritual strength, to those who truly live.

George Markham Tweddell

Note (Ed) - As far as I can tell, Charles Bell of Redcar was a Draper of 107 High Street Redcar 1890 according to Bulmers North Yorkshire Directory for Redcar

On the London Gazette page 1882, there's a bankruptcy notice for a Charles Bell, draper of Middlesbrough and Redcar.

I'm not totally sure this is the same guy however.

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