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Middlesbrough Jubilee, October 6th, 1881

Middlesbrough Jubilee, October 6th, 1881

Launching the Bolckow Statue, Exchange Square
’T well that Middlesbrough should celebrate
Her Jubilee; for, in those fifty years,
’Midst hopes and trials, triumphs, joys, and fears,
On swampy shore, (where, at no distant date,
The coneys made their home; and where the hound 5
Hunted bold Reynard,) enterprising men
Founded a city on the foxes’ den;
And Industry and Arts may now be found
In happy Harmony,—turning the ore
Which lay for ages treasured in our hills, 10
But long unheeded, unto use which fills
Most civilising purpose: and before
Another fifty years have pass’d away,
Still greater triumphs adorn its day.

George Markham Tweddell

Tweddell's History of Middlesbrough from Bulmers North Yorkshire Directory (most likely written for the Jubilee)

Article on the Middlesbrough Jubilee

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