Wednesday, 2 January 2013



A sylvan scene—green fields and glorious woods,
Waters that ripple brightly as they flow,
With many wildflowers that in beauty blow,
And wide-spread moors, wearing their purple hoods
Of  heather—Glaisdale is a lovely spot,— 5
One truly seen which ne’er can be forgot.
Oft I’ve been privileged to wander here,
In the most trancing times of all the year;
And choicest company was mine, I wot,
Whose conversations gave me great delight: 10
True Christians they, from superstition free,
Lovers of constitutional liberty,
Philosophy, and poësy. Each sight
And sound we saw and heard, all did agree
Ever remember’d through our lives will be. 15
[A sonnet of 15 lines]

George Markham Tweddell

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