Thursday, 10 January 2013

Capt. Thomas Thrush

Capt. Thomas Thrush.

Foremost ’mongst Cleveland heroes, honest THRUSH
Deserves high praise from every Cleveland bard:
Bravely with arms his native coast to guard
To him was a pleasure,—ever first to rush
Where duty calls invasion vile to crush, 5
His life he did not value, so that he
Could aid in keeping his dear country free
From foreign force. By merit he did push
His way to great distinction and reward.
But when, in after years, War seem’d to be 10
To him to be opposed to Christianity,
He to resign his Pension did not fear;
Holding that Poverty was better far
Than riches he had won, e’en by valour, in a War!

George Markham Tweddell

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