Sunday, 30 December 2012

No Warrior’s Name?

[No Warrior’s Name?]

Can Cleveland’s vale produce no warrior’s name?
Have native heroes never trod her plains?
Yes!— she hath records on the scroll of Fame!
Her hills have echoed back the martial strains
That bade the brave avenge their country’s pains; 5
And skilful statesmen from her vale have sprung,
The agêd to protect, and guide the young.
Nor have her sons all crawl’d upon the sod,
Without or love to man or faith to God,
Her bards, inspired, have breathed the tuneful song;— 10
The scenes of beauty that to her belong
Have warm’d her children’s hearts with “nature’s fire,”
Till with a holy deal they’ve grasp’d the lyre,
And chaunted strains that angels might admire.

George Markham Tweddell
Stokesley G. T.
[Tweddell’s Yorkshire Miscellany, p. 313, April 1846.
The poem appears again in Tractates No. 7 as Cleveland
Sonnet, No. III.]

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